Android Go is the super-lite version for telephones with under 1GB of RAM

Google needs their Android working framework on however many telephones as could reasonably be expected, even ones that may not as of now have the capacity to bolster it.

Keeping that in mind, Google declared at its yearly I/O designer meeting a lighter rendition of Android called Android Go. It’s a downsized variant of the prominent OS particularly intended for clients with under 1GB of inside memory on their gadgets.

“We’re amped up for seeing more clients come online surprisingly as the cost of section level advanced cells drop,” Google clarified on its blog, “and we need to help producers keep on offering lower-cost gadgets that give an extraordinary affair to these clients.”

What’s distinctive about Go? A ton, it turns out.

Notwithstanding advancing the OS for passage level telephones, applications like YouTube Go and Chrome are getting specially crafts with the goal that they utilize less information and storage room. Also, for gadgets running Android Go, Google Play will elevate applications intended to keep running on section level gadgets.


Fundamentally, Google is ensuring it has a suite of items custom fitted for everybody — even those without the money or yearning to purchase the most recent Pixel.

“Some portion of Android’s central goal is to bring figuring to everybody,” the organization noted on its blog. They obviously mean to do that with Go.

Android Go is relied upon to be discharged at some point in 2018. Going ahead, each form of Android will have an Android Go variation.

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