Apex Legends Made A Dıfference In Battle Royale

Apex Legends

The battle royale themed F2P game Apex Legends has already reached 10 million users. Here are the details. Developed by Respawn, the creator of Titanfall, Apex Legends has set a new record. In the Titanfall universe, the battle royale-themed F2P style was introduced to the game lovers.

Available on the PC for free on February 4, Apex Legends, which was expected to arrive later in the mobile, passed the 1 million player threshold in just 8 hours. At the end of 24 hours, 2.5 million players reached the free Battle Royale game, the third day of the record broke. Recently, Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, announced the game has reached over 10 million players.

Apex Legends managed to reach 1 million users in the first eight hours with its cross-platform support. After a 24-hour period, the game reached 2.5 million players and at the end of 72 hours, it had a new record. In the statement made by the producer studio, the game in the Titanfall universe reached 10 million players in a short period of 3 days. It is already known that war royale style productions are popular recently. It started with PUBG and continued with Fortnite. In the meantime, battle royale modes have been released for many games. But none of them were as promising as the Apex Legends with the Respawn signature.

This game started to be talked about among its rivals. Looking at other competitors, this success seems to have come longer. The free Battle-Royale game that has reached the number of users in the first 6 months of PUBG within 72 hours is already terrifying its competitors.

Previously, the F2P style battle royale games were able to appeal to a limited audience. If the game in the Titanfall universe can increase its mass by protecting its masses, it can overthrow PUBG and Fortnite. Of course it’s early to talk yet.

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