Berlin city behind the destroyed walls


Berlin, a city that attracts attention with its historical beauties and a separate moment in each Street. You can see the history of the world wars and the heavy blow all over the city. The most famous point in Germany is the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin is therefore one of the most accurate cities to visit and explore. Berlin is the largest city in Germany, as well as being the capital city. Berlin, which works in all areas to improve itself, has always succeeded in becoming a clean and green city despite all that.

Places To Visit In Berlin

Berlin has historic historical roots. It is possible to see not only historical places but also innovative and self-improving works. For this reason, instead of just visiting historical places in Berlin, give the chance to each side of the city.

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • German Parliament Building
  • Alexander Square
  • An Island Of Museums
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • East Side Gallery
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Holocaust Monument
  • Potsdamer Square
  • Kreuzberg

There are so many beauties. These places have big history and innovative works. If you decide to go Berlin, you should see all of them.

Berlin Cuisine

Berlin is not a prominent city with its food culture but they have special dishes to cater to your taste. Especially in Berlin cuisine, pork and potato dishes dominate. It is also very famous in the city of hamburgers and hot dogs. However, if these dishes do not match your taste, you will find Turkish cuisine in Berlin because of the majority of the Turkish population living in Berlin. The most famous dish of Berlin cuisine is served with Currywurst, ketchup and fried sausage with curry sauce and served with French fries. When you go there, you should try difference tastes.

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