The Cıty That Grows Wıth Coolıng And Beauty: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

The city was founded in 1703 by Petro in the northwest of Russia. After visiting all of Europe and especially Venice, Petro saw St. He wanted to open up canals to St. Petersburg, like Venice. Eleven emperors, floods, the Bolshevik revolution, the three-year siege of Leningrad and the economic reform of the 90s, have changed its name a number of times over 300 years.

St. Petersburg is just a few of what it has witnessed since its foundation. It is a city that has come to the demolition stage a few times and has always managed to be reborn from its ashes. This is a city that has come to the demolition stage a few times and has always been able to reborn from its ashes.

The glorious period of Romanov Dynasty, which remained on the throne until the outbreak of World War I, astonishes its visitors with its rich history and culture as well as its history, attracting its talents from other branches of literature, music and art. One of the world’s largest museums, countless palaces, parks, bridges, subway stations, such as art work and the city of the monument is possible to feel tiny.

Hermitage Museum Gold Room

Built as the winter palace of Tsarina Catherine, the museum is home to more than 3 million works including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Picasso.

Peterhof Palace

In the summer palace Peterhof, which impresses with the ice blue exterior walls of Katerina, rare architectural works such as the Amber Room are dazzling.

Alexandrinsky Theater

In St. Petersburg, you can watch classical theater works at the Alexandrinsky Theater, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mariinsky Theater

Mariinsky Theater, where you can watch classical music concerts and ballet performances in a baroque hall, is worth the time and effort you make to buy tickets.

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