Dear Star Wars fans naming your children Kylo: Why?

It’s sufficient to make you think about what number of individuals really comprehended the extremely essential plot of The Force Awakens.

As indicated by the U.S. Government managed savings Administration’s yearly rundown of infant names discharged Friday, the name “Kylo” detonated in fame in 2016. Which proposes an astounding number of fathers might want to end their lives being wounded through the trunk by their irritated emo children

Kylo was the 3,269th most mainstream infant name for young men in 2015, the SSA says — yet in 2016 it shot up to number 901, making it the speediest rising kid’s name on the graph.

The SSA particularly ascribed the ascent to Kylo Ren, the Darth Vader enthusiast and child of Han Solo played by Adam Driver. Which, given that anybody giving their child that name before The Force Awakens was fundamentally incorrect spelling “Kyle”, is an entirely easy win.

We can excuse the guardians of those 2015 Kylos. All things considered, the name was discharged numerous months before the motion picture, and until December of that year no one knew the character would be end up being a touchy Force-employing rascal controlled by strange underhandedness into forsaking his mother and wounding his father.

Guardians of 2016 Kylos, be that as it may, have no such reason. They are the people who saw Kylo Ren irately destroying his stay with a home-manufactured lightsaber and thought “no doubt, I need 18 years of managing that.”

Kylo isn’t the main Star Wars-related name to have ascended on the rundown. “Leia” shot up 100 spots in 2016 and is currently the 321st most prevalent name for infant young ladies in the U.S., even before we lost Carrie Fisher toward the finish of the year.

That much we can get it. We’d even excuse those Kylo guardians if there were an equivalent number calling their young men “Han” — yet that name doesn’t split the main 1,000.

“Rey” was a well known name in 2016, ascending from 907th to 868th — yet on the kid’s side of the passageway, not the girl’s. “Luke” is holding consistent as the 28th most well known kid’s name in the nation; given the religious way of the name, be that as it may, it’s difficult to state the amount of that is because of Star Wars.

Then “Anakin” is on the ascent, again recommending the prequels are more mainstream than individuals give them acknowledgment for. The name, synonymous with Darth Vader’s Jedi adjust inner self before he went to the Dark Side, went from the 910th most famous in 2015 to the 778th most well known in 2016.

That much we can get it. Anakin was a war legend before he fell, and just went to the Dark Side in a misinformed endeavor to keep his better half from biting the dust (or so George Lucas let us know in Revenge of the Sith).

However, Kylo? C’mon, you’re for all intents and purposes asking the child to get beat up by a young lady so he can have a cool scar (regardless of the possibility that that scar is probably going to meander around his face.)

Obviously, there’s no less than one more film featuring Kylo coming soon, The Last Jedi, and it’s practically sure he’ll make due into Episode IX in 2019. So there is positively a plausibility of reclamation for the 2016 Kylos before they are even mature enough to see the motion pictures. Still, it appears to us like those guardians are playing with start spitting cross-watch lightsabers here.