Dıfferent And User Applıcatıons For ios Users

The app store of iOS mobile operating system based devices is in the App Store with fun and functional applications in different categories. Here, Best iOS Apps

Hawkeye Access

As you can see from the name, with the Hawkeye Access application, you can control your iOS device with your eyes. With this application that offers a different experience you can control your iPhone phone with your eyes.


With a very different and fun structure, Shump expects you to experience a completely different experience. This application, which comes with both a game and an iOS application model, will give you a different usage.

Wallpaper Tree

This application can be selected as the best practice among all iOS applications. You will be satisfied with the service and the results. Wallpaper Tree, which has beautiful wallpapers for iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 7 models, comes to the fore with a slightly different structure than the wallpaper applications on the App Store.

With the help of the wallpapers you buy from this application, you are planting trees on your behalf to protect the environment.


With Quik, developed by GoPro and one of the many video editing applications preferred by many iOS users, you can quickly edit videos. Thanks to the ready themes, Quik, which allows you to edit video quickly without losing time, gives its name.

Filterious Photo Filters

If you’re looking for a different camera application on your iPhone or iPad, I can tell you that Filterious Photo Filters is an app for your exact request. With its many different advanced setting options, you can create unique works with the Photo Filter app.


With more than 30 server support, Speedify keeps your speed at the highest point on both Ethernet and 3G / 4G connections. The worst part of the service is that it sets only 1 GB quota per month for free use. 

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