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Dıseases Of School Perıod In Chıldren

Dıseases Of School

Dıseases Of School Perıod In Chıldren

Since children are mostly under the control of mothers and fathers until they start nursery or school, diseases often do not affect them. However, when they start school, increasing diseases are becoming serious problems for both them and their families. Although it is necessary for children to develop illness and develop their immune system even during school years, it may be a sign of danger if they are frequently disturbed. It is known that many diseases are infected with respiratory tract and close contact. Your child is in close contact with many other children in school and kindergarten. If a child carries a contagious disease, it will easily infect other children.

What Should Be Done To Protect Children?

When your child carries an infectious disease, do not send it to school to prevent the transmission of the disease to other children. Also inform the school administration about the disease to protect other children and to take precautions by reporting the situation. If you are not sure whether you should keep your child at home; seek help from your physician or school nurse about whether the disease is contagious and if so how long. If you are working and you do not have a carer, you may find it difficult, but remember; If your child spends a day at home, it will be best for him and his schoolmates’ health.

The Most Common Diseases

Cold:In the symptoms of colds (fever, nasal congestion or discharge, weakness, headache, abdominal pain and nausea) should consult a doctor.

Respiratory tract infections: This disease leads to more than 100 viruses. The symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection begin 1-3 days after receiving the child virus and usually lasts for 1 week. It can cause pneumonia with ear and sinus infections.

Eye diseases: Untreated vision problems in childhood may impair eye health in the future; eye complaints should be considered in children ages.

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