The Films That The Drama Queens Have To Watch

drama films

Drama is an issue that takes place in every aspect of our lives. For this reason, drama films are becoming quite famous and popular films. Especially the fact that most of the drama films are based on real life stories is presented to you in a spell. Here! 4  different drama films for drama lovers.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale: Professor Parker Wilson takes home the famous Akita Inu dog of Japanese origin, which he found at the train station, and starts the story this way. Hachi, Wilson becomes the dog of his family The professor travels to the train station every day on his way to work, and he always has a companion waiting for him at his return. But one day everything changes.

The Notebook: In the notebook movie, In 1940, a 17-year-old girl Allie Hamilton, came to Seabrook Island in South Carolina. This girl, who is on holiday with her family, begins to get closer to a young man named Noah who lives here. But the pending separation, It comes with the rise of World War II. The notebook has a story to admire.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Benjamin has an extraordinary life story in ‘the curious case of Benjamin Button‘ film. During the First World War, a man who watches as a watchmaker loses his son in battle. The blind watchmaker makes a clock that he produces for the train station run backwards. He is born as one of the eighties and extends to infancy as the years pass. It will end at that point. That’s how the curious case of Benjamin Button goes like this.

Love Me If You Dare: Julien and Sophie, each other’s best friend since childhood, started a play between them. This game is a kind of contest with fearlessness. They try to defeat each other by revealing their daring skills. However, in a way, this game may be warding off the fact that they were created for each other.

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