Fınal Fantasy VII Returned Wıth An Enlargıng Trailer

Fınal Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy is an RPG game that has made a great reputation across the globe. The final fantasy, which was followed with great interest by the fans, had a ‘remake’ process that could not go beyond the rumors for years. Final Fantasy 7 was trying to be rebuilt for a few years. However, for some reason, the developer company did not make clear explanations about this issue. The release date of the game, which was redesigned, was not even clear. Sometimes 2023 and 2025 were often mentioned. There are new and pleasing developments in the revised version of Final Fantasy 7.

Square Enix, the developer of the game, has released a trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel. The most striking point in the published trailer was the description at the end of the video, rather than how the game was. In this statement, the month of June was emphasized. It is clear that the producer company has some plans for June.

The Final Fantasy games and the trailer were simply presented to the users in a fascinating way. In his trailer, he saw Aeris (his real name is Aerith) in the trailer, in the last part of Sephiroth.

Description of the published trailer Tailored to the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy games’s Tetsuya Nomura, who posted the post of the play, the message was published, “We’ll keep you waiting a little longer until next month,” he said.

As you can see in the trailer, it is seen that we can learn new information about the game, which has been expected for years, in June. We hope the company stops in its promise and the curious waiters of the gamers end.

Final Fantasy games is the month of June, but the Final Fantasy 7 release date is not yet clear.

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