Fortnite 8TH Season Update

Fortnite 8TH Season
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Fortnite 8th season update update today was officially given the start of the 8th season. With the Fortnite 8.00 update, we’ve compiled innovations and errors corrected in the game. In the face of Apex Legends, Epic Games is the developer of Fortnite. Fortnite with the 8.00 update of Fortnite 8th season was officially started today. PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, published for iOS and Android with the new modes added to the game. Also, most of the problems on the mobile side are solved with this update.

What does the Fortnite 8.00 update bring?

50 to 50 modes

In this mode, two teams of 50 players fight to the end.

Mod Details

  • In Fortnite 8th season update, each team will have a bus and approach from the opposite direction to the island. On your map, your team’s bus will appear in blue and your competitors’ bus will appear red.
  • The map will have dotted lines to indicate the nok battle lines ecek between the two teams. The more you cross the line, the more likely you are to encounter an opponent.

Dangerous convergence mode

In this mode you will be witnessing close-range combat with Pump Rifles and Back Rocket.

Mod Details

  • When the players start the game, they have a Backpack Rocket in their bags.
  • In this mode, only different kinds of Guns are available as weapons.

Weapons and items

  • Position with the ball, lock the target and shoot! If this option is too boring, go inside the ball and throw yourself!
  • In Fortnite 8th season update,l When it hits directly, it deals 100 damage and 50 damage to opponents within its small range.

Out Of The Cellar

  • Sneaky Snowman
  • Supermarket trolleyBug Fixes
  • Ammunition supports will now appear on the map.
  • If the firing button is pressed while the waiting time for the rifle is still in progress after changing the weapon, the weapon will be fired as soon as the waiting period ends.
  • The problem that caused the bombs to damage the wall or floor after the bombs on the players in Fortnite.
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