Fortnıte Case At 9 Season Updates

Fortnite 9 Season Updates

One of the most popular battle royal games on the world, Fortnite‘s 9th season was released with the update of Fortnite v9.00. Added a new transport system called Air Rings to the game. Thanks to this transportation system, players will be able to leave themselves to the flow of wind much faster. In Epic Games Fortnite, Along with the update adds new places to the game. After the volcano eruption, the locations such as Evolved Houses and Privileged Shopping Center bring futuristic new positions to the game. Also added a new Conflict Pump Rifle gun to help you eliminate your opponents to survive.

Epic Games fortnite, the name of the 9th season, has brought quite a big update to the game. Locations have changed, new locations have been added, improvements have been made to weapons, as well as corrections to performance. Of course, many cosmetics came with the new season. Here are the details.

Fortnite 9 Update Release Notes

  • Semi-automatic Conflict Pump Gun with 10 cartridges was added to the game. At one time it throws in Fortnite game 9 ridiculous and 73/77/81 base damages. The weapon’s head multiplier is 1.70x.
  • The base damage of the Tactical Pump Rifles was increased from 66/70/74 to 71/75/79.
  • The rate at which the drum drum rifle emerged was reduced from 16,732% to 7,155%.

With Fortnite game 9 logging, mobile came in different features. With these features, the game turned into a different system.

Innovations from Fortnite Mobile are as follows;

  • Automatic fire can now be triggered when you are on the vehicle.
  • Added the number of rows to increase the number of lines of the hunting flow in the Instrument Panel Layout Tool.
  • You can now jump to something on the shortcut bar or drag it in the slots.
  • On Android, the speed boost key of the X-4 Storm is changed because it could be accidentally pressed on the homepage button.
  • The team sequence feature is now available.
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