Four Dıfferent Art Fılms For Art Lovers

French Movıes

Art masterpieces and art geniuses always have a distinct place. An art film where their lives are told or in the first place can lead you to other worlds. Here we have compiled these art films for you. If you love art film is for you!

Van Gogh: Van Gogh: At the Gate of Eternity, Vincent van Gogh talks about the last time in Arles. The film tells the story of Van Gogh, a famous painter. This extraordinary story and the unknown side of a painter’s life as a witness in a completely different direction you must watch this movie.

Big Eyes: The film, which features American painter Margaret Keane, known for his own big-eyed child paintings in the 1950s. Walter Keane, whose wife’s outstanding talent and original works are presented on behalf of the sales strategy, captures money and fame and outshines Margaret. Even for one of his paintings, “My painting!” Margaret, who can not say, will force her husband in a difficult battle against oppression.

The Square: Christian works at a modern art gallery in Stockholm, and one of his projects is The Square. This area is a small reflection of people from different strata, different social classes in a large society, and with the question whether Christian should trust people or not, he invites us to choose one of two different ways, and this question follows us throughout the film.

The Price Of Everything: The film examines the life of British physicist and theorist Stephen Hawking, who has changed the history of modern science and technology, and his relationship with his wife, Jane Hawking, from college. Stephen Hawking is a genius student at Cambridge University, where he meets Jane Wilde between 1965 and 1991. The happy combination of the two gains a different dimension to the Hawking disease, which is already diagnosed at the age of 21. 

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