Galaxy S10’s Ar Emoji Technology to Scan Body Movements in Real Time

Ar Emoji

The Galaxy S10 incorporates remarkable technologies, while the 3D camera system (not exact) and the integrated fingerprint sensor come into prominence, making the difference with the model Sound on Display technology. This piezoelectric loudspeaker technology can deliver sound through the vibrations generated on the screen, thus eliminating the need for the handset. The technology that is first introduced with Xiaomi Mi Mix can provide very clear and high sound compared to those tried by Society of Information Displays (SID). 

The technology that is already running and rendered capable of being exhibited makes it possible to dispose of large equipment from the top frame. Meanwhile, LG is working on a similar technology and the first flagship in 2019 is among the information that will be put.

One more feature of Galaxy S10 is getting real attention. After Apple’s Animoji, Huawei and Samsung are ambitiously involved in augmented reality-driven emoji. Parallel to the development of smartphones, new technologies such as AR Emoji continues to evolve. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series, introduced in the Unpacked event, will bring the AR Emoji technology closer to users.

With the AR Emoji feature on the Galaxy S10, you can record and record all your body movements on your smartphone. Working with DeepMotion to develop and bring this technology to life, Samsung is likely to play a leading role in this area.

This advanced emoji technology of Galaxy S10 is implemented through the support of artificial intelligence and robotic control systems. Samsung aims to use body language in communication with AR Emoji. Thus only facial expressions and facial expressions will be excluded.

In the tests, it was reported that Emoji AR technology works exactly as intended. This technology, which can only be used with the rear camera of the Galaxy S10, can launch a new era in the field of communication.

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