Repairing iPhone XS Max is more expensive than buying a new iPhone 7

iPhone XS Max
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Beginning at $1,099, the iPhone XS Max is the most costly cell phone Apple has ever sold. Along these lines, its repair costs are more prominent than any iPhone too, which shouldn’t come as quite a bit of an amazement: Apple devices are costly, and repairing them is costly also. Yet, when you put the numbers into point of view, they begin to look particularly strange, as we found when we looked at Apple’s refreshed administration repair estimating page.

Before we proceed with, it’s important that AppleCare+ can critical decrease the cost of specific repairs, and is a shrewd buy in case you’re inclined to dropping costly gadgets. In any case, in the event that you don’t have AppleCare+ and your one year constrained guarantee has terminated, Apple will charge you $599 to repair “other harm” on an iPhone XS Max.

Here’s where we place that into point of view. As of this current week, Apple has brought down the cost of 2017’s iPhone 8 to $599. As it were, if your telephone breaks out of guarantee, it would cost you precisely the same, directly down to the dollar, to purchase a fresh out of the box new iPhone 8. It gets considerably more strange when you consider that the iPhone 7 (which is as yet an awesome telephone two years after the fact) now costs just $449. That is $150 not as much as an iPhone XS Max repair.

Each iPhone comes with guarantee and AppleCare+ costs $9.99 multi month for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, so there’s a decent possibility you won’t be stood up to with a $600 bill. All things considered, the way that it’s even is fairly difficult to believe. Indeed, even a screen repair out of guarantee costs $329 for the XS Max.

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