Jeff Buzz Introduced The Blue Moon Project

The Blue Moon

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos works on ‘extraterrestrial life’ at the Blue Origin company for Blue Moon he owns. And in this context, the Blue Moon, which Blue Origin has been working on for three years, was introduced yesterday evening. The main aim of the Moon Moon is to provide the transportation of cargo of various sizes and types on the moon surface in the first place. However, the astronauts will be transported to the Apollo lunar modules surface in a similar way.

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, announced at the event for the media and space industry executives like NASA that in the next few years he shared the space company’s plans with NASA to return to our planet’s unique natural satellite. The technology giant also explained that Blue Origin is developing a new engine called BE-7, and this engine is powerful enough to carry rockets that have a propulsion of 10,000 lbf and take the spacecraft vehicles (in their own definition the Moon Pearls) into space. The first test launch will take place this summer with Apollo lunar modules.

The Blue Moon is designed to carry loads of various sizes and types to the Moon’s surface. Therefore, it is used for different tasks. It is known that the carrying capacity is up to 3.6 tonnes. In the years to come, even larger versions are said to be used to transport astronauts to the Moon.

The Blue Moon initiative aims to build infrastructure on the surface of the Earth’s natural satellite so that entrepreneurs can start the field businesses. In doing so, Bezos cites the possibility that in the future our energy will be given to the planet in the space of mines on the grounds that it is doomed to extinction. In addition for Blue Origin, the giant investor stated that the month is also an ideal place for industrial production, because 24 times less energy should be spent to remove the required production materials from the surface due to the lower gravity of the satellite.

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