Movıng To The Next Day Wıth Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft Hololens 2

Microsoft, HoloLens 2’i officially announced by renewing augmented reality, virtual reality and hologram technologies. Microsoft HoloLens 2, which takes the interaction with holographic content to a different level, was introduced at the launch and showed what it promised.

Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, announced the second-generation HooSens 2 reality reality goggles. Introduced on Sunday, Microsoft lens, HoloLens 2 introduces 2K resolution to each eye with a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) and a resolution of 47 pixels per angle of view. The company says that HoloLens 2, which has twice the wider field of view than the previous version, is the same as moving from a 720p view to a 2K view for each eye. With the support for Windows Hello validation, the title will be able to follow where the retina is looking and see where you are looking. HoloLens 2 does not appeal to the home user said. HoloLens 2, which will take realistic virtual training to a different level, is preparing to make a deal with big companies in this regard.

The HoloLens 2 is powered by the Windows 10 operating system and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 Calculation Platform. The biggest difference of this platform to the smartphone processors is the presence of an external Holographic In Microsoft lens, processing Unit (HPU). With a 5-channel microphone input, the mixed reality set can provide an audible 3-dimensional space with built-in spatial audio equipment.

Just like a smartphone, it offers a rechargeable device via USB Type-C input and an iris scanner as a biometric security. The 8-megapixel sensor is built-in the HoloLens 2, making video calls easier. But one of the most striking features of HoloLens 2 is that it allows users to interact with their hands with hologram content thanks to the artificial intelligence-assisted ToF sensor. 

HoloLens 2 release date is not yet clear. Microsoft HoloLens 2 price will be available from 3 thousand 500 dollars.

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