Nasa Sıgns New Informatıon About Mars Wıth Insıght


NASA’s spacecraft Insight landed on Mars in December. The spacecraft that continues its exploration is also sending photos to the Earth. Insight finally saw the sun rise on the red planet. The photo taken on April 24 has just arrived to Earth. NASA Insight photographing the sun, Insight, reflected the dazzling images of sun rays reflected in the clouds. Insight won’t just take pictures on Mars. Gather information about the surface and geological structure of the planet. While NASA announced this new NASA Insight image, it also led to a different scope of science.

It can cause dry atmosphere to come out of dust storms in Insight images, and this situation above the planet can make it impossible to create ice clouds. According to the geologist Robert Craddock, “Many people analyzed the nature of the rains on the Earth, but no one thought of using physics in any way to understand the first atmosphere on Mars colony,” he said. These cracks on the planet are believed to have occurred as a result of the crumbling of the planet’s crust. Now, this area in the images is shown as bright blue rocks in the picture is the home for active landslides.

In Mars, clouds in the Insight image are probably similar to water ice and ice fogs that are located on the Earth, and are usually not collapsing. According to CNET statements, the freezing and fine atmosphere in Mars surface prevents the clouds from falling into the surface. And so the planet is dry and cold. According to CNET statements;

“The rainfall in this context is particularly frosty. The soil structure is likely to be colder than air, especially at night, this is more likely, and so the air striking the soil is cooled and the water freezes from the soil as frost.” Following these words, Viking II said he saw frost on the ground in some mornings.

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