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Natural Solutions for Spring Allergy

Allergic reactions caused by increased pollens in the spring season with the warming of the air are defined as spring allergies. Spring allergy is a condition that occurs due to the increase of histamine substance in the body against pollens in the air. The most prominent feature is the nasal discharge, sneezing, irritation and itching in the eyes due to the accumulation of pollen in the eyes, bronchi and eyes.

As long as the necessary precautions are not taken, there are medicines and vaccine treatments to be applied in spring allergy which can turn into asthma and bronchitis, as well as natural solutions that can be applied at home.

Practical Natural Methods

For those who are slightly overactive in spring allergies and those who are highly affected by spring allergies, the methods that can be applied at home as well as medication intake may have the effect of reducing the severity of the illness. Generally, those who complain about spring allergy can change their eating habits at the beginning. Honey, especially in spring allergy, has an effect that reduces the effect of pollen over time. However, the spicy foods such as pepper, mustard and fresh garlic cause the allergy to open the nasal passages and clean up the sinuses, but it is not permanent, but it has a relaxing effect for a certain period of time.

E vitamins are high whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables and egg yolks are also anti-allergic foods. Mint tea, which can help to clear the nose and throat besides green tea which is effective in preventing allergic reactions as a drink, can be easily consumed against spring allergy.

Among the things that can be done at home in order to minimize the effect of spring allergy besides nourishment, cleaning is also important in carpets, especially household goods and clothes, in order to have pollen dust. As soon as the carpet cleaner to be made with hepa-filter sweepers comes from the outside, changing and cleaning clothes allows to get rid of as much as possible from the effects of pollen placed on clothes during the day.

Among the natural methods that can be applied against spring allergies is the hot shower or steam bath which will be taken daily. With daily shower intake, the skin and especially the pollen settled on the hair can be cleaned and can be effective in eliminating the obstruction in the vortex.

Things to pay attention

Pollen is more intense in the morning, especially in the morning, so you can try to stay as far away as possible in the morning.You can be protected by opening doors and windows from the dust that may come from outside when pollens are intense and cleaning the filter of the air conditioner frequently.Often old newspapers, magazines or cardboard boxes must keep dust away from the home environment. If you have pets such as cats or dogs in your home environment, you should keep them away from the bedroom and take care of the feathers by brushing them away from the home on a weekly basis. It is important for people with allergies to avoid smoking because of the irritating nature of respiratory tracts and not to allow this if there are domestic smokers.

Care must be taken to avoid distress and conditions in the stressful environment of allergic triggering. Otherwise, the stress that affects the immune system may also cause allergic reactions.

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