OnePlus 7 Pro Notıce Complaınt

OnePlus 7 Pro

The OnePlus 7 Pro was recently introduced with the problems involved and the upgrade. This upgrade has increased notification complaints about OnePlus phones, which are often noted for their height of purchase and have a superior system with software. OnePlus owners have criticized the brand’s vibration engine for years with complaints, some complaining that people are very weak, while others say the vibrations are very inconsistent when using the OnePlus phone.

Pete Lau, the founder and CEO of OnePlus, said in an interview, “We are constantly reviewing and listening to feedback from users to see what features are applied on OnePlus phones. Iz At the same time, our main goal with the OnePlus 7 Pro is not just a first-class situation, but also a very first-class Oneplus phone. As a company, we aimed to perfect the tactile user experience.” Said.

“Our team had to rethink the entire interior design of the OnePlus 7 Pro as it would fit into the body without increasing the thickness of the OnePlus phone, which could have a less ergonomic feel.” Said. “At the same time, we had to ensure that the haptic motor in the device was in the correct position, so that the haptics would be strong and even strong throughout the device.”

According to  OnePlus news, OnePlus 7 Pro has enabled users to choose between “light”, “medium” and “strong”, as well as an option for users to change the vibration, respectively, in both calls and other notifications. He stated that he would be able to check the vibration settings on the new phone for most complaints. In this way, the layout of the engine can be brought to one of six different settings.

With the newly added features, the complaints within the scope of the notification will be reduced, and the phone will be able to use all the notification status in the desired location. In this way, the OnePlus phone comes with a big step towards new technology.

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