Pearl Of The Peru: Lıma


Before the domination of the Inca civilization in the 5th century, a famous seer lived here. The name they call the priest in their keçuva language is Limaq. Later, the place of this seer was destroyed by the Spaniards who conquered the region and turned into a church.

Pearl of Peru, Lima has a history of catastrophe, colonization, and a history that has been undermined by major earthquakes for centuries, but the country has managed to rise again from its ashes every time. The information they obtained from the Pachacamac excavation site indicated that Lima was a religious center before Christopher and other Spanish invaders. At that time, tribal tribal Latin American Indians were living here. Then they were united in the 15th century under the roof of the Incas Civilization.

During the Lima development of pirates (some state-sponsored, some of you know pirates) was one of the places where the javelin. For this reason, in order to protect the city from the threats coming from the Pacific Ocean, they flipped the city from the shore in 1684-1687.


Lima, Europe, the Andes, Asian and African cultures are highly affected. Especially colonialism, immigration, and indigenous cultures have made it a multicultural center. With all these features, the historic Cercado de Lima area, which is the city center of Lima, was taken to the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO in 1988. San Francisco Monastery, Governor’s Office, Lima Cathedral, Santo Domingo Monastery, Torre Tagle Palace are some of the important buildings in this area.


Pearl of Peru, Lima has the title of atıl Gastronomy Capital of the South American Continent oluş with its culinary culture consisting of a combination of western and oriental cooking practices of Spanish and colonialist cultures. In recent years, as well as internationally recognized restaurants, Lima coffee and chocolate from Lima also started to make names and awards. In 2014, Central 15th from Lima, Astrid & Gaston became among the Top 50 Restaurants in the World’s most prestigious ranking of 18th-century culinary arts. 

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