Pro Evolutıon Soccer 2019 Arrived

Pro Evolutıon Soccer 2019

The Pro Evolution soccer game developed by Konami is among the most popular games. Konami, who knows the situation well, has made an announcement like a bomb for the popular football game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. This release was released as Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite on December 13, 2018.

The Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite version was come with Myclub mode in the PES League. You’ll create your own team in Myclub mode, similar to the Ultimate Team in FIFA. In the PES 2019 Lite version the tournament modes and single player mode will not take place in the main game. In the Lite version, which is free to play ie free to play, there will be in-app purchases within the Pes league. In other words, Konami will direct players to spend money.

If you do not want to make in-game purchases within the game, you will have to wait some more. At the same time, in-game purchases can become more expensive than the main gaming. Therefore, on December 13 you can play PES 2019 Lite on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

PES, which is a passion game for football lovers, is developed in different structures each time. Playstation 4 and xbox one platforms are not only connected to one gaming. In-game purchases in the game that will come with Myclub mode are not used for this reason. Instead of paying a lot of money, you can experience the joy of play with the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

Although the returns are not very positive for the time being, we should not ignore the fact that the game is only new playable and the players are extra negative because of the uncertainty experienced yesterday. Don’t judge the game right away and play the game the way you know it best.

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