Pubg Goes For Innovatıon In The Erangel Map

PUBG Erangel map

PUBG Corporation has announced that it wants to fix old content issues before bringing new content to the game. The first step is the oldest map of the game, Erangel. The oldest map of PUBG, Erangel, has undergone several changes since the days of the Steam Early Access platform, but a large part of the map still remains the first. Everything from the appearance to the loot distribution is the same as the day you played first. Developer company PUBG Corp. recently announced that they would reorganize the existing maps. The company wants to perfect the old content before it brings in new content, and it will start with Erangel.

The Erangel update was first published in Reddit. When a user notices the game as he or she mixes the files on the test server, the new Erangel is created by PUBG Corp. has also been approved by. According to Reddit, this update will bring new homes and estates to Erangel. However, high-level loot will increase places where you can.

At the end of the day, the producer has taken the first step over the intense complaints from the users, indicating that they will go through some changes in their old contents. According to a Reddit user, an update to the PUBG Erangel map will be published in the coming days. With this update, new mansions will be added to the game. In addition to this, the producer will also give a little touch to the loot balance on the map. In addition, the producer will also integrate a number of visual effects into the game’s old map, promising re-insatiable gameplay.

When the update is not known, we need to wait for PUBG Corp. to publish the full plan. A number of image problems caused by Erangel’s being old were known to all players. The most recent map of PUBG will be pleased to see the visual effects and details of Vikendi in Erangel.

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