Pubg Zombıe Island Has Come Wıth New Updates

PUBG Zombie Island

One of the world’s leading games for the PUBG has been published a giant update. Those who download an update covering an area of about 440 MB meet PUBG Zombie Island. Here are all the innovations that come with PUBG Zombie Island..

Together with PUBG Zombie Island, published on Tuesday (19 February), a different atmosphere surrounded by Resident Evil was surrounded by the players. The game’s servers were shut down for about 8 hours to ensure that the new update was seamless.

In addition to the PUBG Zombie Island from the update, many interesting new features have been added. Some of them added to Vikendi and the moonlight and Sanhok is now in Arcade Mode. A new feature called personal fields is another added feature. In this area, you can choose a friend as a partner with Synergy 400 or higher to stand with you.

PUBG zombie island is finally released. This special mode, which comes with the 0.11.0 new update, seems to add a whole new air to the game. Survive Till Dawn, the first game mode of the zombies, also includes some of the innovations awaited by the players.

PUBG Mobile zombie island mode 0.11.0 update notes

  • Added time to Zombie: Survive Till Dawn game mode for limited time to the game.
  • New weather forecast for Vikendi map with moonlight added
  • A field called Connection, in which player information and links are displayed, has been added to the game.
  • In the new update With the Pandemic Treasure plugin, you can now use Resident Evil 2 costumes.
  • Resident Evil 2 main menu music added to the game.
  • Many avatars, special items and different cosmetics were added to the game to honor the first year of the game.
  • SMGs assault rifles will now come with two-fold rounds in battle mode.
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