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Secret Of Youth, Healthy Dıet

Healthy Dıet

Healthy nutrition and healthy diet are very important. Healthy nutrition will both affect your personal life in the best way and give you a vibrant and beautiful skin. However, under the name of healthy nutrition, you should not diet with healed information. For healthy diet, you should take expert opinion and apply it according to your diet.

We prepared several healthy diet recommendations for you.

1. Do not skip meals

Frequent and few. It is the best choice to eat three main and two snacks each day.

2. Do not compromise on a balanced and varied diet

Stay away from white flour, sugar and starchy foods. Get enough protein, absolutely for every meal. You should take care to eat at least two servings of fruit and three pro-vegetables each day. (one serving of fruit must be up to the size of the tennis ball, vegetable punch.)

3. Do not forget to add plenty of vinegar and lemon to your food.

Vinegar and lemon reduce the glycemic load, slows weight gain. So add plenty of vinegar and lemon to your meals. You can start by increasing the amount of vinegar and lemon sauce that you add to your salads. Limit your salt use. Salt both appetite and causes water retention in your body.

4. Do not leave any meals with salad. Salad feeds the stomach.

You must eat with a piece of protein (meat, chicken, fish, yogurt, cheese). Add oil yourself to your salads. Mayonnaise and sosa say ‘no’. Our experts suggest a mixture of olive oil or walnut and flaxseed oil until a teaspoon.

5. Never fry your food.

Stay away from fries. Instead of frying, use steaming, boiling, baking or scalding for a long time in the water. Do not find food in flour or breadcrumbs; more oil. Do not respect the sauces in any time. Don’t eat cakes, donuts, pies. Do it yourself at home if you are very attracted.

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