Tesla Semi technical specifications may be superior to the first published.

Tesla Semi

At the point when Tesla uncovered the Tesla Semi before the end of last year, it figured out how to pull off the unthinkable. Certainly, the Tesla Semi’s specs are noteworthy, however much all the more bewildering was Tesla’s capacity to get individuals intrigued by and amped up for a semi-truck in any case. Without a doubt, there’s something remarkable about the Tesla mark that just appears to induce fervor in a way that most other car producers could just dream of.

Obviously, the Tesla Semi itself is the genuine article. Spec savvy, the passage level Tesla Semi brags 300 miles of range and can go from 0-60 MPH in 20 seconds level while pulling a 80,000 pound trailer. While the specs are noteworthy, the primary interest of the Tesla Semi lays on its capacity to spare organizations a ton of cash. In fact, amid the Tesla Semi revealing, Elon Musk bragged that the Tesla Semi isn’t just less expensive than diesel choices, yet that it’s likewise more wallet-accommodating than rail.

“It’s s not simply monetary suicide to utilize one diesel truck,” Musk clarified, “it’s financial suicide for rail. This beats rail.”

Thusly, it’s nothing unexpected that organizations who routinely dispatch freight the nation over are submitting substantial requests for Tesla Semi vehicles. Pepsi, for instance, has as of now pre-requested 100 Tesla Semi trucks while UPS has requested 125 trucks. What’s more, addressing the cost-investment funds that the Tesla Semi may offer to purchasers as time goes on, DHL Supply Chain president Jim Monkmeyer as of late disclosed to Reuters that the distinction between a Tesla Semi and a customary diesel truck could be made up in under two years “on account of reserve funds on upkeep and fuel.”

“We are assessing that we could have pay back inside eighteen months in light of vitality use and lower upkeep cost,” Monkmeyer said. “The upkeep funds can be colossal also. Because the motors are substantially more straightforward as far as the quantity of parts and the complexities of the parts.”

Also, never one to modest far from strong expectations, Musk before the end of last night took to Twitter and said that the specs going with the Tesla Semi may be more great once it really begins shipping.


It’s a charming tweet, certainly, however Musk played shy about which specs specifically may see a change. While the Tesla Semi’s increasing speed is absolutely pleasant, if not out and out noteworthy, a change on range may help pull in much more purchasers. The way things are currently, the Tesla Semi is accessible in two designs, one with 300 miles of range which costs $150,000 and another with 500 miles of range which costs $180,000.

Notwithstanding any postponements, the Tesla Semi will start delivering at some point in 2019.

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