The Best Movıes Of Italıan Cınema

French Movıes

The Italian cinema has always been curious about the different structure and the works it has done. The films, which are the best movies of Italian cinema, have always attracted attention with their feelings. That’s why we have compiled the best Italian movies for you.

Talented Mr. Ripley

Tom Ripley, who lives in New York City, is going to Italy to bring his friend Dickie back. Tom has been so obsessed with Dickie’s life that he is obsessed with obsession after a while. It is possible to see all the beautiful cities of Italy.

The Italian Job

The film is about the adventure of a gang of robbers, led by Charlie Croker, a criminal in his field who could be described as a career-holder. The gang wants to save time for the gold robbery they are planning to do by creating the biggest traffic congestion in Los Angeles history. For action lovers, it is one of the best Italian movies of Italian cinema.

Roman Holiday 

A beautiful young princess of the country, Ann travels for a long, European journey. When he arrives in Rome, he realizes that he is bored with his life. She tries to get rid of the situation with a sedative given by a young doctor, who is overwhelmed by unnecessary protocols, fake courtesies, and the necessity of being a princess. It is one of the best movies of Italian cinema with Audrey Hepburn.

La Dolce Vita

Strange journalist Marcello Rubini is commissioned by the newspaper in Rome to write in a corner where rumors about the rich and renowned Italian aristocracy will be published. Marcello is moving from one party to the next, meeting the most beautiful, most interesting people of society. Life that looks sweet from this beginning makes Marcello more lonely and cheaper.

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