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The Importance Of Dental Cleanıng For Your Health

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a very important factor for our health. Daily care should be done in a way that is recommended by the doctors. Dental stone cleaning is a care taken by many people today. Six months or a year by going to a dentist to clean our teeth stones. Otherwise, the mouth may smell and cause our teeth to shake.

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is defined as the process of decontaminating the plaque and tartar that occur in the teeth over time. If tartar or tooth stones are allowed to accumulate in the tooth, bacterial growth occurs over time. The main purpose of cleaning and polishing the teeth is to make the tooth surface smooth and clean. Thus, bacteria can damage the teeth and not threaten dental health. The teeth cleaning process is the most effective method of preventing gum disease.

How to clean teeth?

The tartar and plaque on the teeth are cleaned using tools that will not damage the teeth. These; 

Ultrasonic tools: Dental cleaning is started with ultrasonic equipment. By means of vibrations, large tartars are dropped from the teeth. Water is sprayed and the inside of the mouth is cleaned. The tool used during the process produces a humming sound. Vibrations in the mouth. 

Thin hand tools: After the large scale with ultrasonic device is cleaned from the teeth, the remaining parts with the fine hand tool are cleaned. The process is continued until the tooth surface is smooth. Fine hand tools are designed for tooth structure. Thus, it is easily cleaned between teeth and tooth curves.

Tooth polish: After the teeth are cleaned from tartar and a complete smoothness on the surface, the teeth are polished by applying polishing. The application of polishing is done with a brush that is lowered to a smaller handpiece. All the teeth are polished one by one with circular motions and the teeth become brighter after processing.

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