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The Most Unıque Dısease Of The Remedy, Alzheimer


Long research is carried out for each disease. Dementia of the Alzheimer type is more common with age progression. It is generally insidious onset and slow progressive. According to research, over 50 years old is expected to be 50%. The presence of Alzheimer‘s in the family does not imply that you or your children will be infected. The disease is not contagious. However, under the age of 60, it is thought that genetic susceptibility is found in the families of people who have this disease.

The mechanisms mentioned as the cause of the disease are very diverse, but a single exact cause is unknown. Diagnosis of dementia of the Alzheimer type can be made by exclusion of other causes of dementia and testing. Some of the other causes of dementia can be caused by a treatable medical condition. (Eg Depression, drug poisoning, malnutrition, thyroid disease, etc.) Researches have been made since Alzheimer’s showed the first signs of history, but no result has been reached yet.

Memory disorders in Alzheimer‘s are primarily related to recent history. Do not forget the names of people, forget the dates, difficulty in strolling in foreign places begins. In spite of the recent deterioration in memory, the patient remembers the events he had experienced earlier. In fact, close relatives may think of memory loss as innocent because they think “relatives know history”.

What to do for the patient diagnosed with Alzheimer

According to the researches, there are some cases that should be done for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Do not leave your patient as familiar as possible with his / her environment and belongings. Because, this change makes the dementia clear due to new learning difficulties.
  • Make it easy to walk around the house, simplify things. Remove obstacles at the entrance of the rooms. Increase house lighting. Avoid sliding shoes and slippers.
  • In the early period of the illness, remind yourself of what to do, the events that have happened, the history, the people as many times as possible.
  • When you find it difficult to find items, sticker labels on the doors remind you what is what and how it is used.
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