They produced Scarlett Johansson’s robot

Scarlett Johansson has turned into a robot. A designer from Hong Kong produced Scarlett Johansson, a robot that was able to respond to its commands at the end of one and a half years of work spent 50 thousand dollars.

The designer from Hong Kong worked for a year and a half and eventually created a humanoid robot that looked like the famous actress Scarlett Johansson.

Ricky Ma, a 42-year-old product and graphic designer who grew up very impressed by watching cartoons about the robots of the future, made a robot by turning his dream into reality.

The designer, who spent more than $ 50,000 for a year and a half, called “Mark 1” for robot that looked like Scarlett Johansson. 

The Scarlett Johansson robot, designed by Ricky Ma, is able to respond to the programmed verbal commands provided by the microphone.

For example, when Ricky Ma says, “Mark 1, you’re beautiful,” it smiles and says, “Haha, thank you.”

70% of the body of the robot is made  with 3D printer technology.

Now Ricky Ma wants to help new eager people by writing a book about the robot-making experience.

In the past days Scarlett Johansson’s marriage claims were on the agenda.

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