Top 5 Horror Movıes Of All Tıme

Horror Movıes

Some people likes romantic, dram or science fiction movies. But some of them is fan of the horror movies. Here! Top 5 horror movies all time for you.


The film tells an extraordinary serial killer. This serial killer gives them time to understand the value of their lives before they kill their victims. It gives them the chance to survive by playing games with their victims. The first horror movie for top 5 horror movies all time. This movie likes by every horror movie fans. That’s why there are saw 2, saw 3 movies.


This film describes the aftermath of the Second World War. Grace lost her husband in this war. They live in a dark house because their children are allergic to the sun. But her daugther has a imaginary friend. It’s name Victor. And one day, because of the fog, the house is completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

Sleepy Hollow

The third film of Top 5 horror movies all time is sleepy hollow. Ichabod Crane is a mysterious man with layout obsession. One day this man is sent to sleepy hollow town to solve the murder. All the victims are killed by their heads leaving their bodies. The whole city thinks these murders are made by the ghost.

The Shinnig

Author Jack Torrance takes care of the Overlook Hotel, which is closed during the winter season. Jack’s younger son, who possessed his supernatural intuition, feels that he is not alone in the hotel in time. And the events start in this way.


Allien, describes the team’s struggle to survive on a planet they do not know. When they travel to this planet, they encounter an unknown life-form and go on to an extraordinary experience and an eerie adventure. If you love horror movies, you should definitely watch this movie.

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